The Girl in Room 105: Book Review


Chetan Bhagat’s latest book ‘The Girl in Room 105″ released this year. The expectation is very high. Chetan Bhagat has a very huge fan base. The book is the eighth book. The new book many ways similar to his earlier books. Chetan has said that the book will have different flavor and aura, unlike his other books. I believe there could be some sad ending and have an element of a mystery.

The Girl in Room 105 recounts the tale of two interfaith couples. Keshav Rajpurohit is a Hindu boy while his love Zara Lone is a muslim girl from Kashmir. They fall in love inevitably. But then starts the drama. Keshav’s family oppose the affair and pressurize him to break up.  But it was Zara who dumps Keshav and leaves him in a miserable state.

Unable to cope Keshav turns to smoking and drinking. He even starts stalking the girl in social media and makes desperate attempts to win her back but to no avail. Suddenly one day the girl invites Keshave to her room no 105 and that too on her birthday. There Keshav undergoes a transformation and his life changes forever.

The book The Girl in Room 105 among others seeks to address the problem of terrorism and Kashmir issues. Chetan Bhagat has promised this book will be different. And yes, it is different. Zara Lone dies at the end.

The book packed with humor and jokes like his other books. But this tale does not end in a  happier note.  Bhagat meets Keshav in a flight from Hyderabad to Delhi. Bhagat was initially reluctant to hear the story of Keshav saying he is not interested in another love story, but Keshav tells Bhagat that it is a story bout unloving. Bhagat then hears the story.

The Girl in Room 105: Book Review

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